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No one ever plans to get hurt at work and most people are not prepared to deal with the  workers compensation claims process.  Often, workers think that they won't need any help because their employer will take care of their workers compensation claim. The truth is that employers use insurance companies and lawyers to fight your claim and often reduce the amount you are paid or have your claim denied completely. 

If your claim is denied, you will not receive any payment, even though you were hurt while working. Many factors affect how your claim will be addressed and if it will be paid.  Through the claims process, a Judge will determine how long you may receive benefits or if you qualify for a lump sum settlement payment for your work related injury.

Therefore, it is important that your claim is handled properly by an experienced lawyer from the start.  Our attorneys are experienced in fighting employers' lawyers and insurance companies to get you the money you deserve on your claim.  We are able to strongly represent your interests, so that your claim is paid and you can receive weekly benefits at the proper rate.  When you are ready, our lawyers can also negotiate a lump sum settlement for your claim, so you can rest easy.

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Settlement of Your Claim

Once a case is established for a work related injury, a claimant usually starts to receive weekly benefit checks that represent a portion of the weekly salary or pay they received, prior to their injury.  These payments do not fully replace the income you were receiving and sometimes causes financial stress for claimants. However, in many cases, that involve serious or permanent injuries, a claimant may obtain a one-time settlement payout on their claim. 

If you obtain your workers compensation benefits in one large settlement payout, you can avoid waiting for weekly payments to arrive and fighting through the workers compensation system for years to come.  We can help.

If you decide that you are interested in a settlement you may still be able to pursue additional Social Security/Disability benefits, as well. You may also be able to still pursue legal action against a responsible third party, who may have been involved in your accident. After receiving a workers compensation settlement payout, you may also still be able to work and receive a salary.

However, it is important, that you are represented by a lawyer who knows exactly how to structure your workers compensation settlement to obtain the best results for you. We can help you to obtain a high-value workers compensation settlement payout for your claim. Our experience makes the difference. 

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Common Claim Mistakes

If you make mistakes after a workplace injury, you may not get all of the workers' compensation benefits you should. Your claim may get denied and you could get paid NOTHING.

1. Failing to timely notify your employer.

— You must report your injury in writing to your employer within 30 days of the accident.

2. Not going to a doctor who is authorized by NYS WCB to treat workers' compensation patients. 

— If you are treated by a doctor who is not authorized by the New York State Workers' Compensation Board, your claim may be denied. When seeking an appointment, ask if the doctor accepts NYS workers' compensation patients.  We can refer you to doctors that take workers compensation patients, if necessary.

3. Not properly communicating with your doctor about your injury. 

— If you fail to properly communicate the cause and effect of your work related injury or your ability to work, the doctor may not accurately assess your injury. This could reduce or eliminate your ability to obtain compensation benefits. You should be clear and honest when describing your injury, how it occurred and any pain or limitations.

4. Speaking to an insurance company adjuster, case manager or investigator. 

— Insurance companies use many ways to deny, reduce or frustrate workers compensation claims.  Some of these methods are very effective against your claim, if you don’t have an experienced lawyer representing you.  You should not speak to anyone from the insurance company before you get legal representation.

5. Accepting or rejecting a settlement offer before talking with a lawyer — If you accept a settlement offer for your claim, it may close your claim and right to benefits, forever. We recommend using an experienced lawyer to make sure that you receive the highest settlement offer for your claim and to discuss whether settlement is the best option for you.

6. Failure to timely pursue a third-party claim — If some other person or company (Third-Party) is liable for paying you additional compensation for your injuries, then you should pursue an action against that third-party, while also pursuing workers compensation benefits.  However, it is important, that your case is reviewed for any possible third-party actions and that if applicable, they are pursued in a timely manner, or you may lose the right to pursue the third-party action for additional money. We can review your case for you.